Enough Already... Go Mobile!

(Closing remarks with Michael Becker and Team MMA, the inspiring mHealth process with the UN's David Aylward, Hayzlett's passionate plea, Tomi's 8 unique benefits of Mobile, and Hayzlett riffing on Emotional Technology)

Out of the 80+ presentations to 600+ people, the single strongest message from the impressive Mobile Marketing Forum last week in NYC is that there are more than enough successful case studies to inspire all marketers to start or expand their mobile marketing efforts.

Hundreds of campaigns from around the world prove that there is a mobile solution for any size business ... and, most likely, "there is an App for that" ...and soon a more mobile-friendly website using HTML5. Tomi Ahonen (above, with the lid) shares details and pearls on his presentation roundup. The goal is to help you sell this into your company to get Mobile at the center of marketing campaigns and not an afterthought (without the resources to ensure ROI).

Take a quick look HERE  at my POV on Mobile Marketing Business Models.

In some countries the phone is the ONLY screen so marketers can focus where their customers are focused (I heard that more people on earth have mobile phones than running water. Wow.)

Another  mantra was that mobile is destined for success because out of all media, nothing is more personal and efficiently distributed directly to users... "As long as we don't F it up like other media..." (part of the rip-roaring rant by Jeff "Mirror Test" Hayzlett). However, backend integration to the Web has always been difficult and expensive... it's even harder to funnel enterprise data to/from the persnickety handset!

My metaphor about this difficulty is Duct Tape on Concrete ... first, test (using Duct Tape) New Media, Social Media, Mobile, etc... then apply resources into integrating the best tests into your core systems (lay the Concrete) like CRM, MRM, ERP, Supply Chain, etc.

Which mobile media is best? SMS/texting campaigns are still the most effective due to reaching every phone (287 million!). Below is a helpful infographic from Telco 2.0:

The good news is that it is getting easier to make Mobile media buys. The bad news is that it is still difficult... with multiple ad formats and processes across phones and carriers.

Search will be the next most important market as it is now with Web browsing. Particularly Local Search - Walter Doyle of Where.com presented more words per minute than anyone else about LBS. But the big story is the growing Mobile Ad Networks and how Google (buying AdMob) and Apple (buying Quattro) will be good for "Gapple battle" conversations about reach and analytics... let's see if it keeps costs down for advertisers... even if we should be paying higher rates for superior engagement.

A new media combo is Jumptap announcing video along with search results. Nice.

See an overview of good case studies and LBS data HERE from Carrabba's and MS&L

Lastly (for now), every one of my clients is constantly trying to better understand their customers and prospects. Carlson presented an overview of the mobile consumer and what they want. Here is a breakdown:

Aerva is proud to be a partner with the Mobile Marketing Association particularly when we provide the Poll2Screen voting for the seriously fun "Battle of the Regions" between MMA Managing Directors:

Michael Becker: Managing Director, North America
Paul Berney: Managing Director, EMEA
Rohit Dadwal: Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Do you know who won? 

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