Admit The Chaos

"Admit" that there is chaos and confusion around business (and our entire world) these days and you will be accepting the truth... 

It is crazy out there ... user and competitor shifts demand that your business models need to be re-set more often than you want. Perhaps the only way is to find your power by acknowledging that there are more questions than answers.

"Admit" the chaos - give it a ticket and invite it in. Embrace it. Harness it. Make mistakes... demand mistakes.

Try problem-solving like when you were too young to know better. The fountain of youth is acting half your age. This is how smart brands and their cool advertising agencies come up with clever and memorable branding ideas... Break some rules since they are already broken.

One tactic is to re-discover your Strategic Sweet Spot - What do you do for your clients that your competitors can't?

Ask and Listen ... Give your brand to your customers, employees, partners, and favorite vendors and ask for their opinions... insist on the truth. Insist again. 

Get guidance from experienced (yet still very optimistic) Creative Technologists like Creative Chaos ... they live their mission every day - Simply Made Better. They build trust with clients by being realistic while reaching for the right goals. They acknowledge your resource... fill in the gaps... and harness the right team that can help you discover what you should do and manage the deep tech to do do exactly what you need. 

Anyone telling you they have it figured out is lying. The only way forward is through honest conversation about your situation at this moment ... the relevant market shifts ...and the DISCOVERY of your best opportunities TOGETHER.

So... give yourself a break for not having your strategy all wrapped up - nobody does.  Have a few conversations with your most trusted advisors. Admit the chaos. Admit the truths about what you are doing right and wrong. Then think deeper about how your business can change now and over the next few years. Then think wider about how your ecosystem in your industry is being disrupted - with or without you.

The answers will come after you...

Admit The Chaos
Admit The Truth

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