The World's Greatest Salesperson

Greetings! I am David Cutler - Thank you for coming to my winning entry for Ogilvy's search for the Word's Greatest Salesperson.

Watch the video below that demonstrates the most important thing in sales - the ability to communicate and persuade.

If you can (get others to help you) sell a brick, you can sell anything.

Goal: Please contact me to learn more about how advertising agencies should be selling more stuff.

Do you want to know more about the Brick? Or how I got all this enthusiastic participation? Salesmanship.

So... I would love to help YOU be the 2nd Greatest Salesperson by sharing one of my favorite influences... Click the below link to buy "Ogilvy On Advertising" - an important book to read, re-read, and share with friends.

The main point here is that something valuable is being sold...

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