If the Shoe Fits...

A question... Which companies have a service/product that is uniquely suited for the mobile phone?

Really. Which ones would you appreciate interacting with on your device? When you are out there ... or sitting in front of your computer and still next to your cell ...

Read eMarketer's POV on Mobile campaigns by Consumer Package Goods companies. A key point is that many should not bother because their offer is not valuable entertainment or more importantly true utility... Josh Golden's people at Euro refers to it as Advertility (I don't know if that term bothers me).

As we discuss your Mobile Marketing Business Model, consider who is making money in the entire mobile ecosystem from Best Buy to Verizon to researchers, See the below MMA Global image (thanks Mike) for inspiration and consider these 10 areas:

1) Service -Verizon, AT&T, Tracfone
2) Device and Equipment – Apple, HTC, Nokia, accessories
3) Retail - Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg
4) Applications (Purchase and Subscription) - iTunes, WSJ
5) Events and Demonstration - CES, MMA
6) Implementation and integration – Enterprise, SaaS, Training
7) Advertising – National, Local – Revenue Sharing
8) Transactions – General (Retailers), Vertical ( Investors)
9) Analysis - Research and insight - Forrester, Google,...
10) Fictional Organizations (like on "Get Smart") - Control or Chaos?

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