Better Presentations (when "Wired")

To know your audience... Ask them!
And focus their attention through their devices

How many blue screens can you count?
This is where Marketers have a
challenge / obligation / opportunity

Wired Magazine's "Freemium Long-Tailer" Chris Anderson led an interactive presentation about the new Tablet Computers with the audience at the 4A's Transformation conference. They used Aerva's mobile phone Poll2Screen service (and other interactive applications mentioned here on the 4As Blog) ... to listen to the community and react accordingly.

Y'know, REALLY understand their audience and engage like the Advertising Industry wants to.

So... Chris did not agree with the Ad Execs in the room... nice. Check out how he incorporates the live vote results...

Here is a short video that demonstrates how to use polling technology to interact with the audience for a better presentation...

Chuck Porter of Crispin, Porter, Bogusky introduces an Aerva - powered audience Poll2Screen to allow Chris to listen, assess, and react for a more relevant "conversation."

Remember that all this attention on the big screens gave Donovan Data Systems DDS great exposure (they can even send a custom text-back message and thanks for voting).

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FYI - Here is a bit on Wired's take on Tablet Computing:

As you can see above in the poll results (that were live up on the ballroom screens), the room voted that hardware like the iPad is going to be hot in a decade... and be "just" another distribution channel. Chris and his crack evaluation team at Wired think considerably higher (and faster). I agree that this new method of interacting with the Web, and your "personal cloud" of info will change the "face" of media creation and consumption.

As Marketers we need to eagerly discover ways to provide value and utility (not just ads) around these new forms of engagement. Consider what entices people to literally reach out and explore. This new presentation platform is a new reputation platform between Consumer - Content - Sponsor.

I recently posted about MIT's project that takes your movement and convenience even farther with a custom multimedia rig.

For another example of audience interaction, Go HERE to see our other favorite client, Yahoo! and their use of UGC (User Generated Content) at their booth.

(Special thanks to Lance and the team at Stillwell Partners for their usual guidance and inspiration.)

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