Emotional Technologist

One highlight from the 4A's Transformation 2010 conference in SanFran earlier this week was Kodak CMO, Jeff Haylett, and his rock star ways... you gotta watch this guy rip up the stage and rally the crowd!

The line he introduced was as brilliant as the "Transformation" that Kodak is succeeding at ... the line?... ready for this? ... Kodak is in the business of supplying the world with "Emotional Technology."

That's a great line. It honors the legacy of the "Kodak Moment" with the promise of tech utility and power (y'know I love my Zi6)

So Aerva is an Emotional Technology partner in Times Square - Cool! Check out HERE how easy it is to get your beautiful smile up in lights on Broadway.

See HERE how the 4As conference lived up to the name "Transformation" when they used Poll2Screen technology to interact with attendees.

Below is Kodak's hilarious video from years back that captures the tone and promise. Jeff started his presentation with it (the executive here could easily be his dad)