Your Smarter (Sponsorable) Rig

At the TED Conference, our MIT friend Pattie Maes unveils a working model of the ultimate rig... a "sixth sense" gesture-based interface... this just means it is easy to use by waving your hands around for Minority Report-like interaction with the Web and personal cloud data. Much of MIT's mission is to use deep (digital) technology to make our real (analog) lives better.

Go Geeks go! (and thanks for more real estate for Sponsor's messages)

Here is a video of her enjoyable presentation. Below are some screen shots of the highlights.

On any surface.
Gotta like the "Brand in Hand" opportunities to tie into Digital Signage and Mobile campaigns

Combine the media (and opinions) you want.
Cross-media integration for everyone!

Get more data on what and who you're with.
More info will put "Transparency" to the test.

OK Marketers... time to think about how we can support the evolution of the mobile rig to support our Brands.

Jack Sullivan, SVP at Starcom, spoke at Digital Signage Expo last week - many of his points are relevant here... The "active consumer" is the most attractive for Marketers. The fun part of our game (and it is fun) is to meet them out and about... and engage on their terms... but give them valuable tools and services to make their lives better. Then they will appreciate bringing the cash register to them!

Fred Squeo of N-GEN Studios also presented about engaging customers throughout their excursions... from the "moment of truth" (the hook of value) to purchase. Fred was also brilliant when he encouraged Agencies to open up and collaborate more with tech vendors!

Go Geeks Go!