Social Media b/d/a Events

This Internet thing has always been about making it easier to communicate and collaborate - online helping your offline.

Exhibitor Online released a fun to read (gotta love that) survey results - check out Social Studies - HERE.

It is obvious that online interactions help inform and clarify opportunities. The goal of smart business development is to use technology to better QUALIFY prospects to maintain efficient sales efforts. More interested prospects make sales people really happy.

(If you want more proof about the growth of Social Media, watch the below 4 minute video)

This report shares issues about resource commitments for businesses to maximize Social Media (b/d/a) before during and after events ... and all types of marketing campaigns.

Here is a quote: "Those who are tapping into the marketing potential of social-media applications claim increased brand awareness, enriched relationships with clients and prospects, additional press coverage, increased event attendance, increased booth traffic, and even increased sales as direct results of their campaigns. "

A key stat is Facebook has grown 70% in the last year and the 55+ age group (those business bosses and decision-makers) grew over 500%!

The most popular reason for procrastinating (y'know, because it's inevitable) is lack of understanding and time... So, here is the trick for you laggards - take a little time to experiment with the most obvious services (I recently posted them HERE) for your private life. Learn how your rig (PC, phone) works.

The value will reveal itself (it's about control of media) and you will then allocate the time resources and budgets. Read the (always) completely relevant Xconomy interview about how businesses are re-evaluating their offerings - HERE

The company I work with, Aerva has the kind of solutions that makes it easy to manage your Social Media conversation while your audience is mobile. We are calling it iOOH for interactive-Out-Of-Home.

Social Studies forever.

Need more? Watch this 4 minute wake-up call for Marketers: