Bob Sez

... Digital Signage is important at retail... when it is interactive.

R/GA CEO Bob Greenberg just said so in Brandweek

My take is ... the next opportunity for marketers is to interactivate (did I make that word up?) traditional media and environments like events and retail.

Here are excerpts about "providing information to shoppers at the point of decision":

"... Retailers are also turning to digital technologies to transform physical retail environments into dynamic, entertaining and informative shopping experiences. ... in-store mobile marketing strategies devised to inform purchase decisions while customers browse store aisles. ...

... interactive displays throughout its stores can help customers choose the right product or service even when a sales rep is not available... content can be updated in real time with the latest information, including price alterations, promotions and new features, from a central hub stationed anywhere in the world..."
Walmart Smart Network is proving that it increases sales!

Some are calling it iOOH – interactive Out-Of-Home.
Nobody calls it SMIDS – Social Mobile Interactive Digital Signage.
We call it being where your prospects already are.