This Technology Could Save The Planet

As I wander thru the Copenhagen streets (of my mind), I find that I want to know the real story about what is happening behind the doors of global debates and in the streets of chanting and conversation.

The UN Climate Change conference (see Hopenhagen) is arguably the first social media-covered story relevant to the whole world.

These are exciting times to see how "New Media" will hopefully speed up the (melting!) glacial process for change in business, government control, and consumer behavior.

I believe the next steps should be following the Money and Jobs.

Will I get answers and guidance from a few wise (professional) observers or will I get the truth from the many voices of the "community"? It seems that the best journalists acknowledge the value of the masses and put it in perspective for my interests.

The question remains on how to tap and leverage this chaos of information... "crowd-sourcing" captures it... but it is hard to listen, filter, and take action.

ClimateBiz has some relevant ideas: The Technology that Could Save the Planet |

Learn about the action and evens with ... read Andrew Revkins "Dot Earth" Blog at big ol' New York Times

Meanwhile, you will want to get involved to save our planet. Here is a start of something to do: