Mary Mary - Not Contrary

Mary Meeker does it again. Capturing the truth with facts so plain that it seems that she has strong opinions to share. Well, below is this year's presentation for our conversation next weekend at the Summit. We will discuss how Location Based Marketing is "closing the loop" with customers by combining Digital Signage with Social Media networking on Mobile phones.

Here are 10 key points:
  1. The numbers say we are going to be OK... but different
  2. UGC = User-influenced … events, ideas, interests, Media!
  3. Mobile + Social Networking …. Changes what we do and when/where
  4. Mobile as remote control for preferences – Slide 40
  5. Killer app killer = Facebook + Mobile for convenience
  6. Mobile carriers must adapt and include… or miss “owning” their own customers
  7. Japan is proving Mobile Commerce is working (what is the phone REALLY for?)
  8. The Gov needs to get it and get out of the way
  9. We love our phones more than anything (bye-bye desktops)
  10. Who will be the new companies that win the Mobile game?
Mary Meeker's Internet Presentation 2009