It's actually "DOOH" for Digital-Out-Of-Home

Where are your customers? Everywhere.

Reaching them when they are out - and buying - is a no-brainer. Even Homer would agree.

Digital Signage has been getting better (adding impact and efficiencies of Digital) , but the real value and utility is coming with interactive features using touch-screens and mobile phone engagement. Now try adding tools like interactive txt, Twitter, flickr, etc.... mmmm Social.

During an Advertising Week panel titled “Show Me The Money,” Bain Capital Managing Director Ian Loring said private equity investors have been forced to deal with three major themes in the past year - a lack of leverage, an advertising slowdown and a transition to new forms of media.

His key point puts interactive DOOH at the center of the 3 winners for Marketers:
"... Shares of ad spend across print and broadcast channels will begin to find new buckets, such as mobile, digital out-of-home and social media platforms."