THIS is the Year for Mobile (again)

(Image thanks to Deap)

No, really - 2010 is the year Mobile Marketing takes off... all the right elements are here. Even Marc Andreeeeessen on Charlie Rose says it is finally coming together - we now have:
> 3G + network bandwidth (speed)
> Smart phones that please (and competition to beat iPhone)
> Content that we want (when we want)
> App Developers making cool stuff (and cool money)

Please watch Charlie's best interview ever... the full hour with Marc is here from earlier this year.

See you Tuesday in NYC at Mobile Ad Summit to get into the center of these opportunities with the best minds in the industry.

I will be there with the Digital-Out-of-Home innovator who has been chosen to power the interactive displays throughout

Show me the Money!

I believe Advertising is not going to pay for this... you will.

Not necessarily with cash - but with your attention/eyes/influence/traffic. The most clever service providers will allow marketing "sponsors" to help pay your monthly bill. This is in the works in many tests - but Verizon is in no rush to share you.

Consider the fight for your attention when Sprint will sell you a Netbook for a buck (and, of course, $200 activation) but man!

Ads on the phone will rise and give us more data to determine what we want:

Just remember that we don't want to click on "ads" on our phone (see Chitika report here). But we do want RELEVANT info that can get delivered with GPS/Location-based services. "Just In Time" is getting real - one valuable iPhone app at a time.