How does your company benefit from going green? ... beyond just doing the right thing?! Yes, we are talking about all the reasons for enlightened self interest - As Fred Surr from hot cleantech marketing agency Captains of Industry likes to say. "maximize both your Street Cred and Green Cred."

Newsweek recently listed their Corporate Green Rankings (a somewhat random roll call of the big guys - so, let's call the list "greenie meanie miney mo"). The green-washing is interesting... just keep in mind the opinions of smart outsiders who are NOT invested - like watch dog Good Magazine - see their less than supportive assessment here


I spent last week traversing Times Square around Advertising Week and noticed Ricoh's sign on 42nd and 7th being powered by WEPower's vertical access branded turbines (yes, BRANDED turbines!) - 100% alternative energy powered - way cool. The benefit beyond PR and bragging rights ... they are saving 18 gazzilion turbo flux capacitor grams of carbon... or something that sounds like a lot!

Here is the NYT coverage. Below is The Advertising Age 3 minute coverage: