Advertising Week Delivers Both

Advertising Week didn't disappoint for the 6th year in a row. The 166 events did make us a little dizzy, but the information was valuable and the attitude was mighty! Matt, Lance, and Jillian of event producer Stillwell Partners deserve a round of applause for mamging the circus and giving a new standard to grace under pressure.

Find detailed coverage at Realtime Advertising Week, listen to lots of meetings at WADV Radio, and check out the still active #adwk Twitter feed. I am proud to say that Aerva was streaming live feeds (twitter, pics, schedules, contests, etc.) to multiple display monitors throughout the week. See some of this action in the pictures above.

See more about Aerva's participation here.

As expected, the presentations heavy on "pitch" grew tiresome ... but if you were a potential customer then you should get pitched! (or just walk out to one of the other 165 events).

Most panel discussions openly nailed the issues we are facing - it's called HUGE changes in who creates, and controls the Brand's messages and relationships with customers (hint: the customers do). Marketing and Advertising agencies are starting to listen and realize they are the 500 pound gorilla riding the elephant in the room. That's an image...

I believe that Bob Garfield and his Chaos Scenario will provide valuable and colorful commentary around the damnation of this wonderfully evolving Ad Industry - So... Presenting... The Widgetal Age: