"Social CRM" Sounds (and really is) Nice

CRM 3.0 is about having the best customer interaction resources. That means to make your online presence as easy to use as Facebook and as automatic as LinkedIn.

Here is a white paper from SugarCRM one of the best vendors in this space.

They say:

The traditional sales and marketing funnel, in which prospects are led from awareness to consideration to purchase in an orderly, linear fashion, has been scrambled beyond recognition.

“It’s no longer a big bureaucracy talking to peons who can’t talk back,” says Don
Peppers, founding partner, Peppers & Rogers Group. “You’re no longer in charge. You’re
an influential participant, but a participant nevertheless.”

What you will learn:
  • Three key principles for leveraging CRM in the cloud
  • How one company realized significant cost savings and efficacy
  • How CRM has evolved and what it means for your business