Catch easy AIR on their Desktops

To get closer to your customers, give them value. Duh.

But how do you make it as easy as possible to help them (as easy as 1-2-3)? One of the most efficient ways is to allow them to opt-in to email updates with info and deals. But there is a better way for your best fans and loyal members... a Branded Application on their desktop or mobile.

These are customized software that sit on your user's desktop (and mobile phones). BDAs are better than email - they are customized just for them... with control over when and how often... and they are easy to save... and forward... etc. Consider the convenience of "alerts" right on their desktops - users don't have to check their email program... or even open a browser...

These are the functions of a BDA like the one we produced for Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish. (really good crackers... No Trans Fat kids!). Check out Goldfish Central.

Download it here... THEN it is easy to be a VIP with the Goldfish.

The technology used is Adobe AIR

Check out another one we did for Pillsbury here - The "Add a Little Love" project required a full C++ built software (...and they use Trans-Fats):