Our Podcamp Boston Session - "City 2.0"

First - My favorite session at Podcamp Boston 4 was "Where is video online going and where will it end?" - with Skip Bensley, Steve Garfield, Robert Collins, Joselin Mane and Matthew Mamet- check out Steve's video of the Visual Suspects session HERE.

Second - As promised, below are the slides from our session about "City 2.0" - mostly about Boston...

This was a great conversation between an experienced panel and a passionate and interactive crowd. Priorities and next steps are continuing to be difficult. The ubiquitous Adam Zand has graciously made available an audio recording HERE

However, with some key players in the room, we nailed the issues around these topics to be pursued:

What are the realistic options and next steps for Boston to take advantage of innovation and technology? Yes, city-wide wireless Internet access is a component, but what are the sustainability issues and who are the players to help make Boston the most connected, productive, and fun city in the world?

Please reach out to connect with others and continue the converation. Thank you!