Twitter Is ...

Twitter is a group instant message platform ... a marketing tool... a dessert topping!

The very Cambridgian Web Ecology Project has a detailed analysis about how twittering is a solution for the people!

The recent use of Twitter for communications after the election in Iran demonstrates the power of the people that harness technology (and pay for Internet access).

Key Findings:
* From 7 June - 26 June, they recorded 2,024,166 tweets about the election in Iran.
* Approximately 480,000 users have contributed to this conversation alone.
* 59.3% of users tweet just once, and these users contribute 14.1% of the total number.
* The top 10% of users in our study account for 65.5% of total tweets.
* 1 in 4 tweets about Iran is a retweet of another user’s content.