Inbound Marketing Summit - Dallas

The Dallas leg of Inbound Marketing Summit was last week and we surely experienced that southern hospitality with friendly conversation around the presentations, bull riding at Gilly's, and charming chow at Tillman's Roadhouse. I believe the term is Texas "Swavu" (you know who you are).

Of all the the Social Media advice and examples, I believe the key word is "Participate." The only way to understand how the new communication tools (and philosophy) is changing the entire industry is to experience it – at your company and for yourself.

It is great to be aware that “fish where the fish are” means to reach out to your audience where they already are (like with a content-rich, portable affiliate Widget or Facebook app)… and NOT only per$uading them back to your site.

Try this... BE THE FISH. You (yes you) must experience what your audience can and will do – Experiment. Txt, Blog, Twit, Stumble, Digg… at least watch what happens when you click on one of those ridiculous banner ads and buy something.

I am happy to help with your basics. We can mess with the complicated stuff together. I promise not to try to impress you with TLAs that I don't even understand!

More About The Presentations

Here are two incredibly helpful overviews of the valuable content - with details, PowerPoint slides, and a healthy amount of opinion:

1 - John Johansen gives great Take-Away (also thanks for the advice and tech support John!).

2- Richie Escovedo compiles most PowerPoint slides. The best teachers are so thorough.

As you can see below, a good time was had by all... Mr. Brogan smiles with Amy, Elisa, and the mysterious Christopher from American Airlines at our Fuze party. The chorus line is from the DFWIMA annual interactive awards ceremony with Giovanni, Greg from Blue Sky Factory, and some other lost cowboys.
In the below video presentation, Paula Berg from Southwest Airlines shares insight into their interactions with all those "interactive" customers.

Here is a better version of her slides if you want to follow along:

See you for the next IMS - in Boston: Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, at the wicked good Gillette Stadium!