The Next Big Thing?

The Techs Guys are the first to know what the next thing is... since they have to build it.

CLICK HERE (not below) for a promising but slightly ominous video message ... Gary explains how "The Next Big Thing" comes every 15 years:

- 1950 - Mainframe
- 1965 - Mini-computer
- 1980 - PC
- 1995 - Browser
- 2010 - ???

What do you think it is? This man knows...
Maybe it's a combination around Cloud Computing (easier, cheaper, and flexible) and Social Media (even MORE easy, cheap, user controlled) ... Remember, this is for the Corporate IT Guys as they deal with the empowered consumer/employee.

This video is for the event May 20th.

Join us at the Sloane School where the Tech Guys meet the Money Guys... They know.