Comparing Clouds

My best daydreaming is while watching the clouds drift by... a worthy distraction to stopping to smell the roses.

Did you know there was a Cloud Appreciation Society with over 15,500 members? Just joining it must be relaxing...

Cloud Computing is about getting someone else to manage your technology. IT geeks love making the plumbing more efficient - let them! This Blogger software I use is a good example since they (Google) maintain updates and hosting... I just login.

For an overview, see my "Cloudy Today, Cloudier Tomorrow" post last summer from Xconomy's event.

This is surely a big topic about the "Next Big Thing" at the MIT CIO Symposium tomorrow - More info HERE

Web Hosting Unleashed compares the basic functions and features of eight of the leading cloud-computing vendors -, GoGrid, Google, Joynet, Layered Technologies, Mosso, Terremark Worldwide and Xcalibre Communications. This in-depth guide features side-by-side comparisons of multiple topics by vendor including:

* Top eight leading providers
* Features and benefits by vendor
* Pricing and cost
* Support

For a really good argument about who will win and lose in the Cloud storm, read this O'Reilly post