The Silver Lining of Chaos

These days I believe I am in the silver lining business.

It's there... really it is.

As Bob Dylan says “Chaos is a friend of mine.” I guess Bob Garfield would agree. He is a necessary and valuable voice to to the advertising business and every business it touches ... um - everyone.

Bob is kicking his Chaos Scenario up a notch to Apocalypse (I believe that Threat Level color is red) in his AdAge article, Future May Be Brighter, but It's Apocalypse Now

The media industry is either crumbling or changing forever (we can probably blame those uppity customers).

Read it and weep.

Read it again to be inspired by opportunities!

Garfield fulfills his own business model by getting paid to tell us the blunt truth in AdAge and his new book at

Read his original Chaos Scenario article. I posted a link to it a couple of years ago HERE