Earning Your Stripes and Bites

I am in the belly of the beast today at the AdAge Digital Conference - right at the center of Bob Garfield's Chaos Scenario. Media models are changing for many good reasons. The key irony (or is it a paradox?) is that consumers are easier to find but harder to connect with.

The other reliable-for-insight Bob (Greenberg of R/GA) nails the future of the Advertising Agency in this Adweek article "This Time it's Different

Today, Fred Wilson is telling Marketers and Agencies to EARN attention instead of buying it. Read the AdAge post HERE - comments are the best part as usual (and case in point) ... Wow, maybe PR budgets are finally going to become respectable.

The rally cry is that you must live New Media to understand both the opportunities and issues. So, get in the game, participate, practice what you preach ... Paul Gillin warns that the real meaning of ROI = Risk of Inactivity.

Follow Gandhi's words, "We must become the change we wish to see in the world."

.... Or as I like to say, "Be The Fish."