How Short Works

Check out the Finalists of the Shorty Awards

The best producers of short* content in 2008

*140 characters or less, on Twitter

The actual winners are not as important as the fact that all these Twitters (Twitterers? Twitteratti?) are re-inventing the one-liner. Whether you understand the value of the Twit or not (just try it for a week or two before you judge), here is a round-up of Text as Blip-Art by the Thespians of the Thumbs.

Consider "Following" one in any of the 25 categories that interests you - Just so you can trash it with authority... or get hooked.


BW's BL debunks six social media myths - Including costs (not cheap) and expectations (not easy)

Shelly Palmer gushes HERE over his recent experience Tweeting at Pulver's SocComm Event last week in NYC

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