For The Creative Good

Our partner, Captains of Industry, is a creative development agency that knows how to make "Storytelling 2.0" work for their clients like LiveVault. Here is a case study overview of their solutions to increase awareness and position the company for a more valuable sale to Iron Mountain.... Also watch the effectively funny videos below.

Campaign: The Institute for Back-Up Trauma Viral Web Campaign, starring John Cleese

LiveVault, a provider of disk-based backup systems for corporate data,knew they needed to do something groundbreaking with their marketing in order to get noticed and build sales. Captains developed “The Institute for Back-Up Trauma” starring John Cleese, a viral comedy video that was rt of a campaign designed to appeal to IT professionals.

Strategy and Creative Rationale

As thrilled as we were to work with a Monty Python legend, we knew that the LiveVault campaign needed to consist of more than a web video. And that’s when the BIG IDEA happened. Captains of Industry, working in partnership with our sister company Thunder Sky Pictures, created a fully integrated campaign that included not only a funny video, but also a virtual Institute for Back-Up Trauma on the web that viewers could explore.

Action and Results

A small amount of web banners and 1/8th page print ads, combined with a modest e-mail blast, helped to launch the campaign – which quickly “went iral”. Over 1,000,000 people watched the video, LiveVault saw a ten-fold increase in their site traffic, and their sales doubled. When the term Back-Up Trauma was Googled before the campaign, approximately 14,000 links came up (for things like hospital services). Google Back-Up Trauma today and you’ll see over 2,450,000 links, most of which direct you to our campaign.

Watch and Weep