After the Honeymoon - It Keeps Getting Better

Check out C.C. Chapman digging into his recent comment that "the honeymoon is over for Social Media" - in a good way.

Definitely read the excellent comments about the evolution to more valuable features, expectations, and deployments of new media. Great stuff! We are growing up so fast and strong!

Of course, with the Internet being a teenager, we do get a healthy amount of sass and disruption - also in a good way.

Marketing in general is maturing. The meshing of Art (creative risk taking) and Science (data management and ROI) is getting better ... Our opportunity is in applying the right "creative technologies" to make Marketing better.

Last fall I reacted to an inspiring Tobaccowala interview about a Marketer's responsibilities to facilitate engagement and hire the best-of breed.

The key is that Marketing = Technology... The answer is to understand and harness deeper use of technology. For more, continue reading thru to my short "Duct Tape on Concrete" rant.