Of course, today, I will be raising a glass and a drumstick to my family and friends and Obama.

However, I would also like to admit how thankful I am for that simple Web element - the link.

Throw some slashes and brackets onto a document that connects to another computer, or just somewhere else in that document and you have an awesome communication tool allowing authors to give options and readers to take them ... Brilliant!

The W3C has a definition: A link has two ends -- called anchors -- and a direction. The link starts at the "source" anchor and points to the "destination" anchor, which may be any Web resource.

Gosh, you can go anywhere... you gotta give thanks for that...

Such as:
The Wikipedia page for Thanksgiving
TED events (Technology, Entertainment, Design)
YouTube video of FractalWorks Journey to Infinity
My first Blog post from September 2000
The 25 best Calvin and Hobbes

We can share anywhere!

Which reminds me to give special thanks to Matt for inspiring so much goodness and conversation around his Where the hell is Matt (continuing) project. Watch and be moved... to dance...