IAB Wizardry

At the IAB Agency Summit today... Several times now that big issue is being mentioned - How valuable are Agencies these days of easier access to consumer data analysis and specialist solutions? Particularly when Media Groups (GroupM, Starcom) and Publishers (Google, Viacom, Meredith, BabyCenter.com) can work directly with Brand Marketers?

Big issue.

I think Barbarian Rick Webb might have summed up the purpose of the Agency as the steward in the middle of it all for "Allignment of motivations." ie: Hollywood Model, one throat to choke ... Oh yeah - and being best of breed digital craftsmen.

Presentations today are providing mighty good insight into putting together them thar intee-grated campaigns...

I am talking like a trucker because we are seeing behind the RAM Challenge... Gaming interface meets Web meets TV - Cool stuff.

Gotta love America and our trucks!

Dodge meets Ram meets BBDO meets Organic - Smart stuff. Over 2 million user sessions... average session at 12 minutes...8000 "leads" ... tracked right down to purchasing.

Brian DiLorenzo is giving a most compelling argument for team collaboration. The secret is including everyone in the process. Trusting participants is the true hurdle to this.

But I sure as shootin' feel like I have been pitched a truck!

5 Lessons from Chrysler's Deb Meyer:
1- Be relentless about Brief, targets, and metrics - Report on everything
2- Involve everyone early (KEY POINT)
3- Challenge on another
4- Don't be afraid
5- Make collaboration the rule

Here is the team on the panel shot above:

Deborah Meyer, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler
Jules Daly, President, RSA
Rick Dennis, Executive Creative Director, BBDO Detroit
Brian DiLorenzo, EVP, Dir of Integrated Production, BBDO
Joe DiMeglio, VP of Engagement Management, Organic
Jason Harris, President, Mekanism

Now for some philosophy... what is an idea!? ...

The next panel is called Mine, Yours, Ours - Getting Over the Ownership of Ideas - "moving beyond the question of who owns ideas puts the focus back on what really matters — delivering the best work for your clients and their brands."

A little about how an idea starts and makes it through the gauntlet of "the Agency collaboration model" and a little of "So, how does that make you feel...?" with:

Moderator: Greg Kaplan, SVP Group CD, MRM Worldwide
Brian DiLorenzo, EVP, Dir of Integrated Production, BBDO
Deborah Meyer, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler
Alan Schulman, Chairman, Chief Creative Officer, U . D I G
Rick Webb, Co-Founder & COO, The Barbarian Group