Doughboy Dancing Daily

The Pillsbury Doughboy is a cute, giggling institution in the history of America. So how does General Mills use him wisely in the interactive world? They have him actually start delivering real value ... along with an extra serving of fun!

The Pillsbury Add A Little Love campaign included one of our cool projects - The Desktop Doughboy!

The "real" value is that it (he) conveniently delivers customizable content directly to recipe fans' computer desktops... totally opt-in and welcome... the user does not need to remember to point their browser at a website or have their content lost in email - alerts slide right up near their system tray clock. You get:
  • Regular Little Love Tips for family fun
  • Easily search the huge Pillsbury recipe database
  • Save and organize your favorites
  • Oh, yes and the Doughboy will dance for you
For the nerds - This is a full-featured C++ software application with maximum control and security. We have, however, used newer, more nimble solutions like Adobe AIR to build and distribute desktop applications.

So, do you want this kind of communication channel to your customers? What content will you deliver to sustain the right to this privileged real estate? Let's discuss what you want your customers to do. And more importantly what THEY want to do! What do they value about and around your brand? There are many features that can be included to help fulfill on your company's promises.

As in all New Media projects, remember to Add A Little Love...