Tribes and Tribulations - For Marketers

He's baaaack... Well. he never left. Seth's new book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, is out next week and my advance copy just came in the mail. He gives Marketers every reason to pay more attention to the communities that gather NEAR brands not around brands... people care much more about each other than products. It's not Brand Management - it's Tribe Management.

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Here are some bits from Seth's Blog:

It starts with permission, the understanding that the real asset most organizations can build isn't an amorphous brand but is in fact the privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who want to get them.

It adds to that the fact that what people really want is the ability to connect to each other, not to companies. So the permission is used to build a tribe, to build people who want to hear from the company because it helps them connect, it helps them find each other, it gives them a story to tell and something to talk about.

Instead of looking for customers for your products, you seek out products (and services) for the tribe. Jerry Garcia understood this. Do you?

People form tribes with or without us. The challenge is to work for the tribe and make it something even better.