Learning Opportunity Today

Thanks Chris (and all your NMFs) for a great learning opportunity today and tomorrow at New Marketing Summit - inside the way-cool Gillette Stadium. This is the first leg of their 2008/9 tour - Come on down!

The shots above include the Brand And Reputation panel with Bobbie Carlton of Beacon Street Girls, Adam Broitma of Crayon, and Stacy DeBroff of Mom Central. That's Pistachio grabbing a new view of "Where The Hell Is Mat", Solo-caster in action, and Stadium Preacherman Brogan.

{9:07 AM} - David Meerman Scott just said that special something that nails the responsibility to make your site valuable... "the Back Button is the 3rd most used feature of Web browsers."

So, make your best Web impression! Have all of your online experiences just that... valuable experiences for your users. They are just a click away from your competition. And lose those cumbersome forms! Customers will provide you the info you want over time as your build value and earn it. Site usage increases 20% when forms are removed.

A summary? Make sure your employees are engaged and happy. Provide an environment to engage customers - through both their job description and their tools. Have the right technology available for an "architecture of participation" (hat tip to O'Reilly). Be OK with employees and customers self-organizing. Lighten up. Have fun with it.

All You Really Need:
Paul Gillin is speaking Wednesday morning about his great new book. Read it. It is the handbook you need to deploy new media projects. See my gushing take on it here. Send it to a friend. Then get busy.

Mr. Peppers of 1to1 Media, (part of the duo - not to be switched with Dr. Rogers...get it?) whipped up the crowd with some fun references to honey bees, communities, wiggling, and sharing. Here are his 3 main topics about the marketing benefits of Personal Mobile Technology:

1) Transacting and Doing - The mobile phone can be like a credit card with an antenna. See how Blyk in the UK is empowering (only) young "Recommenders" to encourage brand usage for free phone service.

2) Connecting and Networking - "Just in time" info is here when you can Twitter your friends to gather them at an event then use your GPS-enabled phone to hail the nearest cab.

3) Sensing and Understanding - Privacy is out... tracking crowds for value is in. Consider the benefits real traffic flow data from automatic monitoring of driver's phones.

To make the point... contact me to to share your thoughts...