THE Handbook. Period.

Just like there is no handbook for raising children, there is no handbook for raising the Web, our uncontrollable teenager… until now! Paul Gillin’s latest book Secrets of Social Social Media Marketing is a must read for everyone... I never thought I would say that about anything besides the Calvin & Hobbes book series!

So allow me to demonstrate one of Paul's many helpful points to Marketers ... Don't take yourself too seriously while you innovate:
Get it? Broadcasting your message is now just one element of Marketing. You need to (and can easily) get into the action in order to catch some customers! (I recently made other relevant fishy analogies about Fish Where the Fish Are... and Be the Fish).

I have known Paul for years but but we have been talking more lately (you know, that social part of media) about all that he is learning these days. I believe the true value of his advice is that it does not forget the basic business rules that keep your company growing (silly things like Sales). Paul is not just a tactfully helpful writer, he is also fun to read. A nice play on words captures the key directive of the book:

ROI = Risk of Inactivity - the cost of not admitting the need for change and participating is huge. Adapting (and embracing) change is crucial for your growth, innovation, competitiveness, mental health, etc... consider how NOT changing will actually prevent success.

3 Next Steps:
1) Buy the book (or get a copy from me).
2) Read it. Discuss it.
3) Give it to a friend.

The last step is key... and kinda the whole point.

Consider reading it while your browser is open to his helpful list of footnotes with key links.

I would be happy to introduce you and/or your Marketing team to Paul.