Boston - Two Point Oh Yeah!

Here is an update to Boston World Partnerships activities:

Feel free to subscribe to their YouTube Thinking Boston videos

Dave McLauglin gives his Max Headroom update:

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Boston World Partnerships launched 2/24/2009...

An overnight success - years in the making. So, it's time to participate.

I am proud to be one of their first "Top 100 Connectors" - So watch out! Check out the new site and learn more about the mission for economic development through a "Boston Alumni" concept to make this City everything it can be... especially if the power-players (big and small) in the room are any indication of the range of support and love of Boston!

James Smith of the Boston Globe does a nice overview HERE

It starts with collaboration - think about how you can give to get.. how to add your energy to making it work... for you and your worldwide neighbors and business partners.

Here is my picture montage of launch day:
  • The new site is up with video comments by the likes of "gentlemen technologist" Nigel Jacob
  • The shot of Rory (Oat Creative built the BWP site) represents the key agenda of meeting face-to-face to break bread and converse - preferably over good Italian.
  • Center shot is BWP's David McLaughlin facilitating the conversation again. That's the enigmatic founder Mark Maloney looking on stage right. (are ALL these people charming!?)
  • The President of Northeastern, Joseph Aoun and I are already "Connecting" a story about how his student, Mark Ursino, a Co-op participant at our agency Oasis, was instrumental in our MITX Award for Best Technology 2008... Another great Boston story!
My favorite conversation was with my opposite. Donna Dodson - she uses a chainsaw to create art (well, maybe we have more in common than I originally assumed... and that's the point.)

I will be adding more comments to this Blog Post at

Yes - BoWoPa

BWP led enthusiastic discussion at the Algonquin Club. I shot this video to help start the conversation!


What is Boston?
Beans, Red Sox, Sam Adams' Lager, Patriots, MIT, the other Patriots, Celtics, Matt Damon, a Tea Party, Harvard, chowder, conservative, bankers (same thing), non-conservative drivers, ...

The Web Industry scene is thriving. The more you look, the more dynamic and impressive it is. What to link to first - ?! - Web Innovators Group, XConomy, MIT Enterprise Forum, MITX, ... etc.

More, more, more...

Remember that "Analog Boston" is wonderful. Check out a new book about getting out, The Paradise of All These Parts: A Natural History of Boston - By John Hanson Mitchell (Beacon, 254 pp., $24.95). Read The Boston Globe review here.

Below is an image for brainstorming the BWP model: