Blog Day? Every Day is Blog Day!

It's Blog Day again (yesterday) so do your part - find new stuff and add 5 new Blogs to your own list. The goal is to share the wealth of info on the Net. Here is a nice BlogHerald interview with the founder, Nir Ofir about the evolution and growth of this special day.

My list of 5 favorites:

1) TechDirt - Internet tech facts with attitude and nifty tools to share them

2) Make - Real non-virtual things to do with your hands. And your family and friend's hands

3) Daily Tiffin - Speaking of family, here are helpful tips for thoughtful consideration with the herd. These seemingly random topics are helpful any time.

4) Hop Talk - Guys talking about beer. That's what we do.

5) Beyond Madison Avenue - Since Advertising is everywhere - and random.