Owl Prompts a Twitter

The now-famous TripAdvisor Owl was shaking his tail-feathers at the Boston Mashable Party last night at the Roxy. The somewhat calmer than usual crowd of Web Startups and PR flacks (that's not a negative term is it?) were out in force making connections and pitching to each other. I believe there is a need to open these gatherings up more to both the marketers that need to have more experience and the consumers that use this stuff.

The Owl deserves some respect. He keeps the events fun. Check out the fight with Firefox from Roflcon in April.

The best conversation I had was with Laura Fitton/Pistashio about her new micro-blogging business... Twit Twit... But I will let her introduce it!

So, meanwhile, here is a great intro to Twitter
... if you haven't yet, give it a go to make your own assessment of the value and opportunities for your business. Try it with a small group doing something fun like bar-hopping or a summer concert.

Below is a nifty tutorial of Twitter

Here is a running list of companies that are into it. Contact Laura to discuss how you should...