A Beautiful Thing for the World and Advertisers

Where The Hell Is Matt is the most wonderfully inspiring content I have seen since this Internet thing started.

Share your thoughts with me and your friends. We can talk about silly dances, how to motivate peace, children, lots of soccer balls, and connections around the world.

What a great project! Probably pretty cheap in relation to highly-produced spots - and this is taking off with Over 7 million plays on YouTube alone! But the only official sponsor Stride Gum is not moving very fast to ride this "media disruptive" wave (there is only a small image on their site along with the the usual desperate-for-attention CPG games and fodder).

Stride was smart enough to bankroll Matt's trip and not insist he wear their logo...but I hope they realize that the Content Train is chugging and has given them a chance to ride the slipstream. Where is the promotion to choose Matt's next destination... and donate money, vaccinations, gum, soccer balls, etc?

14 months, 44 countries, and lots of smiling faces - including yours!

See Matt's 3 videos over several years HERE