Internet Week NY - Random Raves

A week long block party across every block in Manhattan. Wow, this is good. See more coverage of this extravaganza at Mashable

At IAC , the calm before the amazing storm known as NY Tech Meetup, Scott Hieferman, CEO of the industry-galvanizing Meetup, ponders their awesome new Meetup features!

Below is a shot from the belly of the beast...

At NYU, I Want Media set up a live program called The Future of Media.

Analog (mostly print) and Digital fur was flying between the traditional media panel and the new media - namely Eric Schonfeld from TechCrunch - who successfully positioned the disruptors as thoughtful visionaries and practical business men.

As the old school system tries to manage the new speed of decisions and delivery, the Webfolk are writing in a fun, relevant style while breaking stories, not just annotating (er, stealing) from the BigBoys.

The contenders:

And for those counting.... HERE ARE THE WEBBY AWARD WINNERS FOR 2008