Engineering A Better Life - Dick and Jane 2.0

Yvonne Spicer of the National Center of Technological Literacy and I are looking for ways to combine our efforts to facilitate a more educated and capable society of Students, Teachers, and Business. We are discussing ways to leverage Social Media to accomplish their agenda.

NCTL's goal is to integrate engineering as a new discipline in schools nationwide and to inspire the next generation of engineers and innovators.

We are looking at ways to redefine "engineering"... more like correctly define it as the concept of thinking, efficiency, planning, design, logic, life!

Let's discuss how you can participate - easily (Without Breaking Stride ... WOBS) - while making an important impact.

Start by reading on their site about "Our Nation in Crisis." Then look at their powerful Supporters and consider where you intersect.
This is an important professional and personal agenda because it effects the success of our society and business. My first Blog post in 2000 has one of my favorite quotes that is relevant for this agenda - it's the Emerson one that defines success.

Key elements to leveraging the Web to engage this community:
  • 12 Social Networking Resources (like Mashable)
  • Harness the new rules/opportunities of Branding
  • Tapping celebrities
  • Advertising is dead - valuable content lives
  • Control your Personal Brand
    • Transparency is the rule
Here is good reference material
- Business Week covers their coverage of Blogging and Social media (very 2.0)
- Their articles on the Future of Social Media

How can we work the vast education system?
- Concentrate on the NEXT ideas that they have not yet put into their own system, agenda, method, silo, dead-end... Pick your battles. Don't waste (too much) energy challenging or trying to change any existing agendas

With so many new ways to learn, We need new ways to teach
- We could call it "Dick and Jane 2.0"
- Yvonne has a great question she asks teachers. "Are we preparing our (students) for their future or our past?”