Cloudy Today. Cloudier Tomorrow

Nick Carr inspiring the Cloud Computing Forum today with The Cloud? IT's Next.

History repeats itself. History repeats itself. Nick's examples (also from his latest book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World from Edison to Google) give us reference for the evolution of utility computing ... Software as a Service, Cloud Computing ... where pay-as-you-go tech services are now hosted "out there"and not on your own expensive, maintenance-needy, heavy, servers in a clean, cooled (more expensive) data center/closet.

So, everyone involved with all that needs to reconsider their business models!

This Blog is a good example. I (not traditional Broadcasters) have amazing control over what I publish, share, and view. Easily from any browser I access Blogger software. Nothing on my hardware or on my server. Blogger efficiently maintains the latest version of their platform for all bloggers on their cloud.

Amazon Web Services is becoming the cloud of choice for boot-strapping Web startups. For more about the 5 Clouds concept, see my post from last December.

It's all about shifting with the shifts of resources and control. The Advertising Industry is in an upheaval with this... reacting to the consumer-controlled "Power shift of Media" and, thus, different models of Agency compensation... clients are less likely to pay for mass (wasteful) broadcasting of brand messages. Please go here to see my post last year about this and Garfield's Chaos Scenario 2.0.

Today Carr described market opportunities with an historical look at shifts of control. In the 1850s Henry Burden could sell more pick axes and shovels to the gold miners (!) because he created more power than his competitors with his own waterwheel-powered energy supply. A key point is that 50 years later this solo model was dead but Burden's business was still strong because he shifted his energy source to the more efficient supplier - Mr. Westingouse's widely distributed steam powered electricity.

Leading to electricity and electric outlets in every house - plug and play potential! Consider all the innovation of products developed after electricity was available everywhere.

The business world is flat because of clouds. Consumers (and entrepreneurs) have the first and last say on their media and their brands - cheaper and easier.

How are you taking advantage of this latest shift?