Mezmerized By Beer... Through Science

If you haven't already, please check out The Cambridge Science Festival - The fantastic celebrations of science end this weekend.

Yesterday I was invited by my friends at the must-read Xconomy to a most fascinating and tasty event at the MIT Museum called "Brewing Innovation."

Let's call it Beer Storming!

We enjoyed an evening of science and Sam Adams... Yeast has been used in the research of diseases from cancer to Alzheimer’s as well as cutting edge emerging energy work. Jim Koch, Boston Beer Company Founder, entertained us with a fun perspective on the history and science of brewing.
Here is an excerpt of Jim. I was hypnotized:

Dr. Gerald R. Fink of the Whitehead Institute brought us deeper into related Biofuel research.

Thankfully, there was thorough sampling of "the subject" with several Sam Adams varieties on hand ... and in very cool parting-gift newly designed beer glasses!