Good Day Boston

Yesterday was a wonderful day and night in Boston for the Digerati (a capital "D" right?). The Popsignal bash was everything we expected - old and new NMFs (New Media Friends), free food/drink (thanks Brian and Matt and sponsors), 90% guys, and that freaky owl!

Stay tuned for more on the Popsignal agenda... a platform designed to enable communities to highlight and celebrate local area technology startups,entrepreneurs and professionals – both off and online. Here is a relevant Advertising Age coverage about moves by Google, Facebook and MySpace that "Point to Crumbling Walls in the Social-Media Space."

RefreshBoston was getting the Twit out!

And the largest Apple Store in America opened on Boylston Steet... has a nifty photoshow of the glistening mayem. The ambulance was on hand to catch the overwhelmed and fragile PC-phobic.