Graffiti Tech - Inspiration from Innovation ... For Business Model Ideas

This "Tagged In Motion" video is just 1:15 of cool to, once again, push our conversation about how we can use technology.

Watch real world (graffiti art) using technology (live 3D CAD capture) to make something new. Consider the new business opportunities - like more easily creating virtual worlds and interactions for gaming, store walk-thrus, etc.

Think about where the "carbon (real) world" intersects with the "silicon (digital) world" in your life and business ... where technology makes it easier to perform offline. Such as Netflix's nifty movie database manager taking advantage of the fossil-fueled U.S. Mail delivery of discs to your door.

Which turns into Netflix's Movies On Demand to your PC offer.

Which turns into a million dollar contest to whoever can help them develop a better movie-matching algorithm - See this month's Wired article about who is winning.

Another (very) relevant Wired Mag reference:

As you know, innovative Business Models are some of my favorite things. So, please read this month's Wired cover story by Chris "Long Tail" Anderson, called, "Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business". Here are 6 categories of business models for us to discuss:

- Freemium (Give it away with a twist)
- Advertising (The good and easy answer)
- Cross-subsidies (Get this but buy that)
- Zero marginal cost (Cheaper everything)
- Labor exchange (Fascinating... you gotta read it)
- Gift economy (Friends helping friends)