OnMediaNYC...Tech Will Keep them OnTarget

File Under: "You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet - The "Sustaining Growth" title of the above session is an attempt to portray some level of ownership and control of the Web... the truth is that the new growth of the new empowered consumer is more than they can imagine.

Madison Avenue needs the tech geeks more than ever... it is going to take a LOT of processing power to maintain "Advertising 2.0" - The answer to how Media and Advertisers need to evolve is with Technology.

Jeff Jarvis moderated the closing session earlier this week at OnMediaNYC the successful 2nd year conference by the AlwaysOn folks. Successful because the two lifebloods of the Web were dancing well together - investors and entrepreneurs.

There was also that thought-leadership background buzz of senior Media Industry players on stage preaching to the choir about what their teenager is doing with technology... however, usually not with Big Media but with nifty startup apps - watch video from the event and presentations of the OnMedia 100 HERE.

Jarvis made a valiant attempt (in the above shot) to get the big content players (WSJ, SI, Reuters, Fortune) to admit that their precious Advertisers are starting to "get it" and are engaging directly with THEIR customers in more intimate targeted ways. It is becoming evident that Content is less important to consumers than making and managing personal connections.

Jeff writes, "we need to both retrain them and give them the infrastructure and data to enable them to market smarter and create meaningful relationships ... Part of that infrastructure is technology to enable better measurement and sales. And part of it is putting together curated networks that do make buying advertising easier."

Our favorite example, Nike, is moving away from buying mass eyeballs (CPMs and GRPs) and providing the infrastructure for communities to do what they want to do. Nike is turning from a manufacturer and marketer of products into a platform... meaning more tech power and processing that they own.

Less polite version… the only way to Web-enable the Media/Brands/Agencies is to realize that the current integration of Web apps have only been duct-taped on (proving the opportunity of the Web but NOT optimizing the “consumer powershift”).

The commitment needs to be made by Corp 2.0 to lock-in the Web at their core. They need to:

- Make the commitment to participate directly with customers
- Allocate resources/budgets/people to manage the re-integration
- Rewrite Corp org charts, biz processes, rules
- Partner with technology providers and integrators

Definitely more on this topic...