Advertising 2.0

I had a chance to stop by the Web 2.0 NY conference - many thanks to organizer President Alan Brody above on the left. On the right is Philip "400 Million Ad Impressions Per Day" Kaplan from AdBrite

The name of this event says it all, "Web 2.0 Meets Advertising 2.0 - The Monetization Conference." Some of the best presentations were by Heath Row DoubleClick , Benjamin Ezrick from Ogilvy Interactive, and the illustrious Allen Stern from CenterNetworks

This event dug deeper into the inner workings of the industry than my previous post - here - earlier this week from OnMediaNYC where I rant about how technology and massive processing power will allow the future of advertising to exist... you know, the Big Power Shift stuff - customized personal customer Engagement B2C and C2C.