Play Tag For Your Country

Here is a good way to do your duty and join one of the most interesting new media concepts called "the wisdom of crowds" while helping the Library of Congress. They need us (the "crowd") to add text definition tags (our "wisdom") to pictures in their Flickr Project Here.

Give it a try with just the pictures you appreciate. Many like the one above impressed me from the 1930s and 40's section.

The LOC agenda is to ensure better access to collections, and to ensure that we have the best possible information for the benefit of researchers and posterity for future generations... and they can only accomplish the scale of this project with Flickr and all of us.

Using the power of social media technology like Flickr is a brilliant way to allow everyone to help preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity.

Go HERE to see my recent overview of Social Collaboration Platforms (with a nifty Gartner Magic Quadrant... with, interestingly, no clear "Leader" in the space.

Read more about the concept of community tagging Folksonomy . Also check out Mzinga's forum based on "We Are Smarter Than Me."

Also see how Communispace is developing hundreds of private communities for major brands and groups.