Paul Gives Some MassTLC

Here is the PowerPoint from Paul Gillin's presentation live from a Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council event last week - Called: "The New Influencers: A Marketer's Guide to the New Social Media."

Download the PowerPoint HERE

As you can see, "Dell Hell" refers to how they struggled to deal with the scalable voice of their unhappy customers... Like the tenacious and eloquent Jeff Jarvis - HERE is a wrapup of his Dell Hell experience (now folklore).

Here is a summary of Paul Gillin's presentation:

Blogging, podcasting and other social media are profoundly disrupting the mainstream media and marketing industries. Paul Gillin's The New Influencers explores these forces by identifying the influencers, their goals and their motivations. The book also offers advice for marketers at both large and small organizations on how to influence the influencers.

The New Influencers explores:

- Why social media are now so important in consumer decisions
- How to leverage the blogosphere to enhance your company's message
- Strategies for taking advantage of this new medium
- The need for transparency and how to make it work for your benefit
- Action items for both small and large businesses
- Whether and how your organization should use blogs, podcasts and other social media tools in your marketing strategy