SOME Breakfast IV - Proving it Again

The 4th Social Media Breakfast yesterday was great (Go Bry). Once again the point is made that Boston knows how to get out - get together - socialize - and collaborate to foster business solutions... all at the same time!

The Wine Cellar at the Mooo Restaurant was a perfect setting to benefit from some micro-crowdsourcing with jocular moderation from Geoff Livingston, author of the new book Now is Gone: A Primer on New Media for Executives and Entrepreneurs.

The topics were more than preaching to the choir. Most people participated with questions, answers, and good references about what is working in the Social Media space. One key was that companies have to earn the right to have the final word in their customer conversations... more soon on how they are doing this...

Another of the many successful collaborations around Boston is Dev House out of the bipartisan (both cool and practical) Beta House