Holday Gift Ideas ... Buy a Book - Kill a Tree

Business books are a great gift idea that keep on giving - mostly because the receiver will be reminded of your generous, helpful intention for a long time ... because nobody ever finishes reading a business book.

The best reason is that due to the speed of the Web Industry, it is more important to base decision on traditional business lessons.

Here is a random list of good choices - mostly from bnet :

Amazon's Best Business Books

The Financial Times best business book of the year
Kiplinger’s best investing books 2007

Strategy+Business magazine’s 2007 Top Shelf features expert choices in seven categories: Innovation (Michael Shrage), Strategy (David Newkirk), Biotech (Joe Flower), Capitalism (Diane Coyle), Entrepreneurs (Tom Ehrenfeld), Behavioral Theory (Howard Rheingold), Human Capital (R. Gopalakrishnan) and Biography (James O’Toole). (Registration required)

Business Week’s best business books and business bestsellers

MBA Bonus: Business Week’s B-School Reading List has dozens of b-school profs talking about their favorite books

Albert Madansky
, an emeritus professor at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, offers a quick survey of some of history’s most influential management books (you should still read Drucker and even Veblen, but skip On Excellence).

Those who watch the stock market will like the list John Edmonds of Babson put together.

Those looking for inspiration from sources that aren’t necessarily business-focused will appreciate this list from University of Maryland’s Roland Rust.

In search of inspiration: Nancy Hauserman, University of Iowa.

The best gift is sharing knowledge!