Baking a new killer app - Live - during today's Social Media Breakfast

Jeff Pulver and Chris Brogan socializing... notice how they are NOT Twittering at this moment.

Here I am this morning at another great event produced by Bryan Person for his Social Media Breakfast. Plenty of NMFs (New Media Friends) making connections and sharing ideas. I was championing a killer app that got some buzz ... we can use OpenSocial to build a single aggregator platform to get/send data from all our social network sites. One stop on your mobile or browser to see who is writing on your Facebook Wall and check email and twitter and RSS feeds. The way Trillian allows you to access all your Instant Messaging apps...There...Now who is going to build it?

I just did a live podcast on this (with my mouth full) in the Utterz audio player there on the right >>

Below are shots from the perfect S&S Restuarant. Clockwise: Peter Coomes and I started this idea with Chris Brogan and _ , Aaron Strout (Mzinga) and Brad overlooking Don Price's (CTO Avaya) successful efforts to translate the visionary meanderings of Bob Frankston, Super Geek talks travel with Typhoid Laura of Pistachio Consulting, Aaron reminding us about the existential value of personal publishing - really good stuff.